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Kassandra: The shores of Khalkidhiki are surrounded by 500 km of magnificent beaches, while its hills and mountains are covered by dense forests. Although just one hour away from Thessaloniki, Khalkidhiki is a natural paradise, untouched by the harmful effects of modern technology and culture. A place of contrasts, where endless, sandy beaches alternate with idyllic coves flanked by cliffs. The air carries the scent of the fir forests and the saltiness of the sea

The climate in Khalkidhiki is mild. It is typically Mediterranean, with long, hot summers and mild winters. The Aegean Sea, which embraces the shores of Khalkidhiki’s three legs (Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos) sends a cool breeze in the hills of the hinterland.
The light, potassium-rich sandy loam soil of Khalkidhiki is characterized by a calcium-rich subsoil, with good structure and water permeability. These factors provide an excellent basis for the development of grapes, enhancing the bouquet of the locally produced wines and helping to balance their delicious character.Sights

  • Mount Athos (the Holy Mountain)
  • Olympiad, an idyllic fishing village
  • The villages "Gomati" and "Megali Panagia"
  • Phantasmagoric landscapes 
  • The Cave of Petralona with stalagmites and stalactites. In this cave, the fossilized skull of a human of 700.000 years old was discovered.
  • The canal of Potidaia

Kassandra: The villages of Kassandra are the most picturesque villages of Greece. They are characterized by thick vegetation, paved streets and traditional houses. However, Kassandra is more famous for its stunning beaches – many of which have green trees – golden sand and blue waters, the idyllic places to relax.

The forests and wooded hills of Kassandra are ideal for exploration and hiking.


In Fourka people can explore both aspects of Greece. Near the beach, you can find modern hotels which are built with the purpose to provide to visitors pleasant holidays. In the village of Fourka you come in touch with its traditional character. You can also take a walk on the beautiful nature and scenery.

If you like the sun and the sea, Fourka is the ideal place for you. Near the sea you can find plenty of bars, restaurants and a club. You can also enjoy water sports on the beautiful beach.

The traditional village takes you back to the 19th century thanks to the houses of particular architecture, the colorful flower-pots and the Byzantine church. You can also enjoy the various concerts organized in the amphitheatre of Siviri or visit the island of Skiathos and the Holy Mountain.


Local Festivals: 17 July, Agia Marina Festival

Local Products: Honey, olives, olive oil, Sardines.

Beaches: White-sand beaches ideal for sunbathing and relaxation. For those who like sports, they can enjoy a variety of water sports.

Food: Snack bars and restaurants exclusively for tourists. Do not hesitate to taste our local cuisine.

Night life: You can find bars and taverns throughout the entire region as well as a club. In the amphitheatre of Siviri you can enjoy various concerts.

Shopping: There are plenty of shops for you shopping. You can find everything, sea towels, sea stuff as well as honey and ceramic articles

Idea Holiday

The ideal holiday destination.

IDEA Hotel is located on the staircase of Fourka, in Kassandra, Halkidiki.

Skala Fourka,
Halkidiki 63077,


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